Thank you for visiting Recipes for Busy Moms. Since I am fairly new at this please bear with me. I am starting this blog because nothing irritates me more than spending time following a recipe and it was a total bust! I will review recipes that I found either; easy, moderate, advanced or a total bust. I will also post some of my very own recipes that are simple, easy and of course delicious (like all of them are). Of course this blog is based  strictly on my opinion, with the assistance of friends and family. I am open to any suggestions you have to ensure this is the best recipe review blog you can find.

Of course me being a busy mom means all the recipes I post will have simple ingredients with fast prep times. I will post my opinions and suggestions as I go along with pictures to ensure it is easy to follow. This blog is great for a busy family or simply someone just starting off learning how to cook.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for visiting